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Small Moxa Burner

The Small Burner is the best solution to the common problems of burning moxa sticks. It is the perfect tool for introducing your patients to Moxa or applying Moxa on yourself. The wooden holder is comfortable on the skin and smoke can be directed on to specific acupuncture vitality points for deep warming.

Special Features:

  • Designed for the treatment of small areas such as specific acupuncture points and small joints
  • Clean wooden base provides a barrier that reduces risk of burns
  • Extra long handle allows you to comfortably reach limbs and back
  • Perfect size for travel

Bamboo Moxa Box

This Bamboo Box is a Moxa NW unique design. We were determined to create a modern solution for acupuncturists and patients who love moxa. This patented design emphasizes safety, function and comfort. It is also beautiful! A tool worthy of the sacred art of moxibustion, we hope it will be something that you cherish forever.

Special Features:

  • Sustainable Bamboo Box with Hand Rubbed Teak Oil Finish
  • Removable Screen for Easy Cleaning
  • Magnetized Lid and Beautiful Brass Finished Lock Create a Double Locking System
  • Copper Interior to Protect Your Box and Tonify Your Body

Japanese Enoki Moxa Box

This Japanese Moxa Box is made with the sacred wood of the Hinoki “Enoki”  tree.  It is ideal for use in the modern acupuncture clinic because it comes with a carbon filter that reduces odors and second hand smoke. The large size of the box means that it works best for larger areas of the body such as the belly and low back.

Special Features:

  • Sealed interior prevents the wood from overheating
  • Adjustable screen height inside the box controls temperature
  • Active carbon filter that reduces smoke and odor
  • Secure handle that helps you re-load moxa during a session

Curated Selection of Japanese Moxa

Moxa Cream

This traditional Japanese herbal compound is made of Bees Wax, Sesame Oil, Castor Oil, Mugwort and Angelica. It can be used as a soothing and protective skin barrier while doing moxa .

Heaven’s Grace

Hand made by a family with a legacy of 7 generations of  Moxa makers in Japan. By far the finest Moxa we have ever encountered, it is for those seeking a purely transcendent experience.

Refined Moxa Sticks

This set of highly refined Japanese Moxa sticks will be an immediate upgrade your moxa experience. We have two varieties and can be used as refills for the Small Moxa Burner.

Box Moxa

These rounds are designed to fit perfectly in a your Moxa Box. This is high quality, hot burning Moxa that smells great and provides a deep, penetrating treatment. Each round is 4 grams of moxa.

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