Safety Guidelines & Traditional Use

Please Download These Articles Before You Begin

Always follow these precautions:

Do not administer moxa to young children or anyone with slow consciousness or who cannot precisely communicate their sensations. People with diabetic neuropathy, any type of skin or blood pathology, anxiety conditions or asthma should consult a provider to assess if moxa is an appropriate therapy for their condition. 

We strongly advise people who are not licensed providers to never use moxa when pregnant or if treating pregnant women.

 1. Examine the box prior to each use. Do not use the box if any of the safety features, screens or parts are not properly assembled or functioning.

2. Secure the box lids or handle every time you use it.

3. Never leave the box unattended while it has burning material inside.

4. Keep all clothing, sheets, or skin clear from possibly entering the base of the box.

5. Be aware that the wooden box could break if the box is dropped during use which could expose burning materials to flammable items in your environment.

6. Do not fall asleep while using this moxa box or burner.

5. Empty the ash into an appropriate, non-flammable receptacle after each use.

6. Leave no ember exposed directly toward your body or your client’s body.

7. Always work in a well ventilated area with access to tools and safety equipment to extinguish your moxa. 


Moxa NW assumes that all moxa products will be used by a trained and active provider of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We take no responsibility for injuries, accidents or discomfort that may result by the use of our products. .


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