Safety & Use Policy

Please Read these Safety Guidelines  and Instructions for Use of our Products
Moxa NW assumes that all moxa products will be used by a licensed and active provider or Traditional Chinese Medicine. We take no responsibility for injury or discomfort caused by use of these products. 

Indirect Techniques/Moxa Boxes and Burners
The moxa box is specifically designed for the burning of moxa, a medicinal herbal product of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We recommend always using a high quality, refined moxa punk in your moxa box as it will reduce the intensity of the smoke released  into the environment and provide a better treatment experience. 
1. Before using, please examine your box for any defects or safety hazards.
- Make sure there are no tears or weak areas of the stainless steel basket and screens
- Make sure the braces at the bottom of the box are securely in place
- Make sure the clasp and lid are adhered firmly to the box and locking properly
2. Open the box by unlocking the clasp and sliding the lid of the box horizontally away from the center screw.
3. Place 1-3 grams of moxa into the stainless basket.
4. Place the box on a flat, balanced surface. Light the moxa using matches or a lighter.
5. Secure the lid by making sure that magnet locking features or lid  and  clasp are securely engaged.

We have taken many precautions to make these Moxa Boxes and burners as safe as possible. However, there are associated risks of using ignited materials and secondary smoke exposure. Please follow these guidelines when using your new moxa box or burner. 

1. Never leave the box on the unattended while it has burning material inside
2. Secure the box lids when in use
3. Empty the ash into an appropriate, non-flammable receptacle after each use
4. Keep all clothing, sheets, or skin clear from possibly entering the base of the box  
5. Exam the box prior to each use. Do not use the box if any of the safety features are not properly assembled or functioning
6. Be sure you have another person in attendance when applying moxibustion or using your moxa box. 
7. Do not fall asleep while using this moxa box or burner.
8. Be aware that the wooden box could break if the box is dropped during use which could expose burning materials to flammable items in your environment.
9. Leave no ember exposed directly toward to your body or your clients body

Remove the 2 screws holding the screen in place. Take the screen out and run it under water. Use a light brush or cloth to remove ash build up if necessary. 

Copper Lids
Remove the 2 screws holding the lid in place. Take the lid out and run it under water. Use a light brush or cloth to remove ash build up if necessary. 

Copper Sleeve in the base of the bamboo box
After you have removed the screen, you can simply slide the copper interior out of the center of the box by applying pressure to the inside of the sleeve to make the diameter of the sleeve smaller. When re-inserting the sleeve, be sure to widen the sleeve to its full diameter so that it sits snugly inside the bamboo chamber.

We advise you allow all parts to fully dry before re-inserting them into your box to prevent moisture from potentially harming the bamboo wood.

Moxa NW assumes no responsibility for injuries or accidents caused by the use of our products.