Moxa Box Mission

Moxibustion is a warming, herbal therapy that uses the heat and smoke of the plant Artemisia to soothe the body and promote healing. It not only feels amazing, but has been proven to have tremendous impact on our health. It can increase blood flow, reduce pain and promote immunity.

Moxibustion developed in a system of medicine. That system includes Meditation, Qi Gong, Food Therapy, Herbal Remedies and Acupuncture. In the last few decades, we have had an amazing opportunity to learn more about these practices. As a result, a more inclusive and holistic vision for health care has emerged. Acupuncture and Meditation have essentially become mainstream.

But we still have a long way to go! Many of the concepts and practices of Eastern Medicine, are clearly effective but still present challenges. We got to work identifying the common obstacles that people faced when exploring moxibustion. (and decided get them out of the way!)

Problem: The most common way of applying moxibustion (moxa stick/cigar) is too smoky, too messy and too dangerous!

Solution: Our moxa tools reduce exposure to flame, embers and smoke.

Moxa Sticks and direct moxa techniques expose people to smoke and burns. They are great options for experienced practitioners but they require too much concentration for novice users. Our tools help contain the moxa embers and smoke so that people can relax more during their healing.

Our moxa boxes are designed with enhanced safety features that keep the lit part of the moxa away from the skin (and your clothes, blankets and carpet!) They are made of beautiful, natural materials that feel good on the body and ease the work load so that you can relax and enjoy the warming comfort of the treatment.

Problem: Moxibustion is time consuming and challenging for practitioners so they don’t add to their treatments. It is becoming common to practice of acupuncture without moxibustion. Without moxa, our medicine is not complete.

Solution: Our moxa tools allow practitioners to train their patients to do moxa themselves or with less effort / supervision at the clinic.

Classic textbooks of Acupuncture literally translate acupuncture needles as “moxa-needles”. There are even theories that it was the use of moxa on the body that helped people discover the energy meridians. Our understanding is that the energetic aspect of mugwort/moxa nourishes the body the way that acupuncture benefits the Qi. The two therapies are considered the complementary balance of Yin and Yang.

With a moxa box, practitioners and their patients will have an easier time applying moxibustion. Moxa boxes reduce the time constraints, staffing needs and smoke exposure in their clinic. When people arrive in our clinic, we often hand them a moxa box and let them relax for ten minutes while they wait for their session to start.

Acupuncturists can also teach their patients to do moxa themselves at home. In this way, they can provide them the best, balanced care.

Problem: To get the best outcomes with moxa therapy, it is best to do it every day. It is not realistic to to go to an acupuncture clinic everyday for treatment.

Solution: Our tools simplify moxa therapy. Their patented safety features, smoke reducing filters and skin barriers make moxa easier and safer to apply at home.

Moxibustion has not been standardized for independent home use. Our tools and methods are the first step in making this resource more universally available.

People can follow the guidelines for treatment from their acupuncturist or schedule online consultations with our licensed practitioners.

Problem: People don’t know what moxa is or think it is weird and unnecessary.

Solution: Our boxes make it less weird, and more wonderful!

Because of the honor that we have for this medicine, we did our best to design something beautiful that can be held as a sacred tool worthy of traveling with you on your healing journey.

After 25 years of intense study and practice, I can tell you that plant medicine and moxibustion work! We want to give you the confidence (and research) that helps you to engage with these medicines and find solutions for your own life.

Problem: Modern medicine has had a tremendous environmental impact. We need sustainable and sensible medicine.

Solution: Mugwort is a plant that (similar to hemp) that grows prolifically. It is a common perennial that does not require a lot of resources to grow. It can be found on every continent and is generally easy to source locally. It doesn’t face the risk of extinction if humans rely on it and the byproducts of the treatment are non-toxic.

It is not just the risk of unwanted physical side effects of drugs or addiction that makes the reliance on pharmaceuticals unsustainable. The environmental impact on the water and soil (and all of the species exposed to them) has been tremendous. Finding solutions that truly “do no harm” is the optimal goal.

Moxibustion is an excellent form of active of self care. It is a well documented therapy that should be included prevention wellness programs. (similar to exercise, acupuncture, massage, sauna, diet etc.)

We know its a lot to take in. For most people, moxibustion is still a mystery. We hope this site is a step to simplifying the starting point! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for upcoming workshops and webinars. We look forward to sharing more with you soon.

In health, Ellen

I love practicing acupuncture and being a community health care provider. I am also driven to make sure that people have the tools that they need to access their own healing outside of my care. I am especially committed to making sure that the practice of acupuncture and herbal medicine, survives in its purest and most complete form. #moxamatters!

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